A considerable amount of work

(Collaborative initiative that was made public over a week at the Kiosk of Plaça Revolució, Barcelona. With Júlia Salvador, Roc Domingo, Helena Vinent, Natalia Carminati, Víctor Hermoso and Laura Garcia among others)

‘Una cantida considerale de trabajo”‘ is based on the idea of ​​compiling those project dossiers that, for various reasons, have been rejected by other official calls within the context of contemporary art in Barcelona. The objective is to rescue and reactivate these projects that, as a result of their rejection, have been relegated to oblivion, being also discarded by their authors or being unfeasible due to the lack of economic / institutional support.All the project dossiers that participated were exhibited as potencily final art works in the kiosk and activated through  several related activities.

Poster of the event, designed by Laura Garcia
Performance in the kiosk during the event.